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Sarah Geronimo Ikot Ikot.mp3

Duration: 03:52 , Size: 3.63M, 128Kbps

Sarah Geronimo Piolo Pascual Paano Ba Ang Magmahal.mp3

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Duration: 03:47 , Size: 3.55M, 128Kbps

11 Sarah Geronimo Fallin .mp3

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Kilometro Sarah Geronimo.mp3

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Sarah Geronimo I Wont Last A Day Without You Official Music Video.mp3

Duration: 03:38 , Size: 3.41M, 128Kbps

02 Sarah Geronimo Kung Siya Ang Mahal.mp3

Duration: 04:22 , Size: 4.09M, 128Kbps

It Takes A Man And A Woman Sarah Geronimo.mp3

Duration: 03:46 , Size: 3.53M, 128Kbps

05 Sarah Geronimo I Miss You.mp3

Duration: 04:08 , Size: 3.88M, 128Kbps

15 Sarah Geronimo Fallin Catch Me I m In Love Theme Song.mp3

Duration: 03:24 , Size: 3.19M, 128Kbps

10 Sarah Geronimo Bakit Pa Ba.mp3

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Tayo Sarah Geronimo.mp3

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Maybe This Time Music Video By Sarah Geronimo.mp3

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Nag iisang Ikaw Sarah Geronimo.mp3

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Sarah Geronimo Ikot Ikot Expressions Album 2013 With Lyrics On Screen.mp3

Duration: 03:31 , Size: 3.3M, 128Kbps

14 Sarah Geronimo Ikaw Duet w Martin Nievera.mp3

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Sarah Geronimo Maybe This Time.mp3

Duration: 04:10 , Size: 3.91M, 128Kbps

Sarah Geronimo sings Let It Go .mp3

Duration: 02:55 , Size: 2.73M, 128Kbps

Sarah Geronimo How Could You Say You Love Me.mp3

Duration: 04:05 , Size: 3.83M, 128Kbps

Say Something Sarah Bamboo.mp3

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